What our clients are saying!

Nicholas Perry

We highly recommend Intelligent Belgian Malinois 5 stars! We love Puppy Mario! He’s now 14 weeks old and is more beautiful and sweet each and every day. He even snuggles with our Persian Kitty Leo! We love Intelligent Belgian Malinois so much we are repeat customers with his new 5 week old half sister Bela will be arriving here in a few weeks. The puppy pack for Jack was great and Intelligent Belgian Malinois reimbursed for all bills for his ear infection that discovered at his first well check. The concierge team was very helpful checking in on his recovery. It was wonderful having him delivered to our front door! We love Iack! Thank you Intelligent Belgian Malinois!

Jimmy Scott

We couldn’t have been happier with the service, communication and resources from Intelligent Belgian Malinois! Our new little guy, renamed BOOTS is such a welcomed addition to the family! He is growing so quickly and is so smart! He even figured out a new game he got for Christmas already! I would use Intelligent Belgian Malinois again in the future and really valued the white glove service we received.

Lawrence Washington

What a great experience and a wonderful puppy. We really appreciated the care they gave in transporting and delivering him to us. The puppy cab driver had a really difficult and long drive but seemed super happy about delivering our puppy.

Edward Lathan

We had a great experience with Intelligent Belgian Malinois. They were helpful with any questions or concerns we had. My Malinois puppy Zena is a pure joy to have in our family.

Percy Bennett

Very helpful finding and purchasing my new puppy. I picked up my puppy in St. Louis at their Intelligent Belgian Malinois hanger and the staff there were awesome. I was also sent a fantastic new puppy package with a bed, toys, leash, very soft blanket that she loves and food/water dish that was totally unexpected and very welcome.

Christopher Carr

I got our puppy—Benji from Intelligent Belgian Malinois, we feel that they are very professional and kind. Everything was wonderful and they took care of every detail. I appreciate very much their great service!!

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